Friday, August 26, 2011

Needles Everywhere!

--->Immiticide unavailability<---

Oh, those needles...
Mila was lucky enough to get some complimentary complementary alternative medicine (CAM): acupuncture from her veterinary clinic. This isn't a typical part of heartworm treatment, but we were all looking for a way to help Mila relax while being inactive, and while staying at the vet office for her second and third Immiticide injections (more on that next week).

Here's some info from webMd on alternative methods used in pets. And more here. This is the website of the AAVA - American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture. Not everyone is sold on acupuncture for pets.

However, we've seen one of our own dogs do really well with it years ago, going from hiding under the dining room table for hours on end, to running around the dining room table like a helium balloon after it has been popped! In other words, back to normal for a Schipperke mix.

So with great thanks to the vet office again, for taking the pictures as well as giving Mila this gift, here she is!
This needle is much smaller!
Hey, whaddya doing over there! Come look-I've got needles in my head!
Pinhead! (not funny, lady)
And in the back
A little closer look at the needles
Both days Mila was able to be quiet in her kennel at the vet office which is really great. Whether it was the meds she is on, the pain of the treatment, or maybe, just a little relaxation from her acupuncture treatments, we were happy that she was able to rest up. Good girl, sweet Mila.

--->Immiticide Unavailability <---

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