Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mila's Excellent Adventure

 ---->Immiticide Unavailability<----

Well, maybe adventure is too strong a word.

He's cool.
In addition to inactivity, it is important to keep a dog that is undergoing heartworm treatment cool. Not as in Joe Cool. Though he is awesome!

He may be cooler. Thanks, Kathy for the pic!
But keeping them from being hot and panting and increasing risks for clotting (yes, we mentioned clots or clotting again) is really important.

It's been a hot summer so Mila has been in the AC, and just briefly out for potties as you've seen.

But the other day, it was cool. There was a breeze. It was beautiful. It's later into the month after her first injection and we decided as long as she didn't get excited by being brushed, that we could perform that task for the first time since her injection. We hate to say it, but people do call these dogs German Shedders for a reason. She was losing her stuffing.
Oof, looking a little rough. But that patch of fur is growing back!
Is this all me? Mila checks out her post-grooming Tribbles.

I feel pretty...oh so pretty...
Her reward - and we see we missed some spots!
Thanks for that!
We were even able to sit out and enjoy a second day without her getting overheated, but it has gotten hot since then. Hopefully in her next month of treatment, there will be some cooler days and some nice time spent under a tree together.

So what did we learn today?
1. As always, leash potties only and super limited activity
2. Keep your dog cool during treatment - air conditioner level cool.

Next time, honestly, we will look at the types of treatments!

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