Friday, March 30, 2012

Drumroll please...a positive negative update!

Mila's adopters took her to the vet today for her follow up heartworm test. Mila is now officially Heartworm Negative! That's right, HW-. No more worms in her heart or lungs!

Everyone is so incredibly pleased. Rescue, vets, adopters and of course, Mila. She continues to get her monthly heartworm meds so that this never happens again.

And speaking of adopters, Mila is fully embracing the second chance she's gotten. Her new life, in her forever home, is one of walks on the beach, a whole family that loves her, and a sweet senior (both dogs say, who you callin' seniors!) companion named Steel. As one does with celebrity couples, we call them Stila.

Mila is truly blessed in her new life. Please consider adopting a senior. We are grateful to her family for doing so, and she pays them back every day with laughs and love.
Time for the beach!
Why yes, I will drive myself to the eye doctor.
Dr. Mila taking care of Steel during a bad belly episode.
We think Mila's first mom would be be pleased by the life Mila has now. We certainly are.