Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Note to Mila's Person

Mila had a person of her very own for over 8 years of her life. We understand that the two were inseparable, and each others treasure. 

Dear Mila's Person,

We have your girl now. We know that if you could, you would still have her with you. She is safe and in a foster home.

But more than that, when we have fosters, we treat them like we hope someone would treat our own dogs if something happened to us. We know that things can happen in our lives that we can't control. We know that happened with you.

And we want you to know that Mila is loved and cherished, and will be whether it is in a foster home or her forever home, by all of us in the BDBH organization.

Right now is a hard time for Mila as she gets ready for her heartworm treatment. Mila is not a quiet, retiring senior. She is a a nine year old go-getter. She is vim and vigor.  We are working to find ways to help her stay calm, which is very important for her treatment.

But no matter what, Mila is loved. That is our promise to her, and to all the others that we can help.


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