Monday, July 4, 2011

Heartworm Pill Reminders

The Heartworm Society is now recommending year round prevention - from their website:
Chemoprophylaxis: AHS recommends year-round administration of chemoprophylactic drugs to prevent heartworm disease, increase compliance and control pathogenic and/or zoonotic parasites.
Our blog isn't here to give medical advice (for sure!) so take a look again at their site, talk to your veterinarian and go from there. There is a graphic picture near that text so warning for that!

Too much to remember!
I have a plastic bag that I put my dogs' heartworm preventatives in. Each time they get one, I write it on the plastic bag. I guess I've been giving a monthly heartworm pill since 1993, so it is an ingrained habit! I forget my own meds, I don't know where my car keys are, and don't ask me any of my computer passwords, but DING, I know it's heartworm pill time.

What if though, you are someone who has those other things under control, but that one pill...can slip your mind? Well, there's an App for that! Yes, we can get e-mail and text reminders for pet medications.

A quick google search came up with these sites - please check them out thoroughly before signing up:

Remind My Pet 
We could not find anything about a cost for this and it looks like you can do reminders for all kinds of medications. Interceptor links to this site.

Merial/Heartgard E-mail Reminder
Free monthly email service

Heartgard Apple App
A free Apple product from Heartgard

Revolution Membership
Sends you email reminders and more

If you use a brand of preventative not named, check their website to see if they will send you a reminder.

Next two blog posts:
A note to Mila's person.
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Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July Everyone 
from BDBH!

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